Simple Solutions for Organizing Your Garage

Use the right shelves, racks, and organizers to turn your messy garage into useful storage space.

classic car in garage
Shelves, racks, and storage bins can help you keep your garage organized and clutter free.Mike

Tired of tripping over all the junk in your garage? Get organized by off-loading all the things you don’t really need. Then use the right storage items to maximize the garage space you have. Don’t know what to buy or where to begin? Here are three items (and a few tips) to finally get your garage organized for good.

Shelf It

3-Shelf Shelving Storage Unit
Good shelves are able to hold up to 250 pounds or more.AmazonBasics

Start by organizing your things into groups—sports gear, tools, recycling center, car supplies, gardening supplies, etc. Discard, donate, or sell anything that’s not absolutely essential. Then take a look at the wall space that’s now available. Adjustable shelves that are deep enough to hold large items, like coolers and bags of fertilizer, are the best way to get junk off the floor and up where you can see it and use it.

Use Your Ceiling

overhead storage rack
An overhead storage rack adjusts for height and is perfect for storing bulky bins.FLEXIMOUNTS

How tall is your garage? If you’re lucky, you may have a garage that has a ceiling that’s taller than eight feet. Even if you don’t, think about how you might utilize your ceiling space. There are units available that are made to bolt into the ceiling joists that are perfect for storing long items like skis or bulky bins. Even a rack that drops down a foot or two can be a big help. If you mount it to the side, you may be able to hang bulky bikes on hooks just beneath it.

Bring in the Bins

Organize hardware and fishing tackle
Organize hardware and fishing tackle in bins or cabinets that mount to the wall above your workbench.Akro-Mils

Bins come in all sizes for storing every imaginable item, but if you’re one of those people that is still storing nuts, bolts, and screws in old coffee cans or jars, do yourself a favor and buy a simple organizer rack with drawers of various sizes to sort and store all of those little items. These racks stack on top of another or bolt to a wall. They take up very little space above a workbench, but they keep all those little items organized where they’ll be easy to find the next time you’re looking for a small bolt or washer.