Three Reasons Every Man Should Own Sport Sandals

A pair of slides are comfortable, casual, and can protect you from germs in public places.

These ubiquitous, open-toed rubber slippers are about as versatile as any footwear you can own. The easy-on, easy-off design is a convenient choice whether you are spending a warm afternoon outdoors or just sliding them on for a quick trip to the mailbox. Their synthetic material is fast-drying and odor-resistant, with plenty of cushioning to keep you comfortable all day. Here are three reasons every man should own a pair.

Extra Comfort

This pair of slides creates a layer of protection between your feet and a wet floor or shower and dry quickly. Nike

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Bacteria love locker rooms. Put a barrier between you and the germ world with a pair of hygienic slides. They’re lightweight, won’t take up much room in your gym bag, and are cheap health insurance in any public workout facility, shower, or sauna.

Smooth Comfort

These sandals are stylish and comfortable if you’re going for a casual look. adidas

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Sport sandals are a winning choice for just about any occasion that doesn’t demand socks or covered toes. They wear great with everything from shorts to faded jeans and offer enough support to keep you comfortable and protected on any terrain short of a hiking trail.

Design Details

The soles on this pair won’t scuff hard surfaces. Under Armour

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The non-marking, rubberized sole of most sport sandals makes them great fishing or boating wear. On those scorching days when leather deck shoes are simply too warm to wear, a pair of athletic slides gives you protection from the hot boat deck and will dry quickly after a rogue wave or sudden rain shower soaks you from the waist down.