Three Features Women Need in a Sports Bra

Sports bras serve some great functions, but they’re also a fashion statement.

Sports bras are great for more than sports. Reach for them on the days you want to run errands, as well as the days when you plan on putting some serious work in at the gym. This piece from your athletic closet comes with functions that may come as a surprise. Many people shop for sports bras based on their appearance, but today we are here to change your mind. Don’t worry—we have the three things you’ll love in a sports bra that will make this addition to your closet a great one.

Wide Straps

Say goodbye to pinching, sticking and general discomfort forever. warner’s

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You may not think about the luxury of a wire-free sports bra until you come across one that isn’t wire-free. All it takes is one uncomfortable or painful poking by your sports bra to make sure it never happens again. Instead, know ahead of time to buy sports bras that are wire-free so you can move without worry of any pain striking. For low-impact workouts, this bra style is great at keeping you supported and comfortable.

No Monoboob Here!

Different workouts require different levels of support, so buy accordingly. CRZ YOGA

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Going to a yoga class? You aren’t going to need as much support in your sports bra as you will if you’re headed for a run. If you’re someone who prefers to have all your sports bras high-support, great—that makes things easy for you. However, you may like different levels of support that will serve the purpose for the workout you’re getting into. Does that sound like you? If so, opt for sports bras with less support for low-impact workouts, and sports bras with more support for high-impact workouts. You will notice the difference.

Soft and Stretchy

Feeling suffocated in your sports bra is not something anyone wants. MIRITY

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By putting on a sports bra, we are assuming you’re going to do some sort of workout, and typically any type of workout poses the potential for you to work up a sweat. To help keep you cool while you’re sweating, you want a breathable sports bra made of material that doesn’t have you feeling like your chest is in a sauna. A breathable sports bra promises both comfort and functionality, so that you can use this bra in any sort of workout, or even for just a trip to the store.