There was a time when your “automatic” lawn watering plan called for hollering at the kids to move the sprinkler. Who could imagine asking Alexa to water the petunias? Or who the heck is Alexa anyways? Today most controlled sprinkling systems are so sophisticated you can monitor and make changes remotely, and some you can even create a schedule based on weather forecasting satellite feeds. While it may sound horribly complicated, most of these systems are relatively easy to install and set up. If you can operate a smartphone, you can customize a lawn and garden watering system to fit your needs. Here are three things to consider.


This sprinkler controller is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones, as well as virtual assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. Rachio

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The current generation of sprinkler system controllers offer systems options including WiFi, voice control and remote control via your smartphone and virtual assistants. Be sure everything is compatible as you choose the right system for your needs.

Easy to Install

This controller comes with an option for programming 6 or 12 watering zones (stations). Orbit

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Zone-specific programming divides your yard into specific areas based upon watering needs. Controllers equipped with zone options enable you to schedule the timing and length of watering for maximum effect, reflecting sun or shade cover, soil type, etc.


This product features a manual “rain delay” that suspends the regular watering schedule for up to 72 hours. Rain Bird

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Today’s state-of-the-art controllers come equipped with weather sensing capabilities that enable you to create an automatic program to water your landscape based on weather. Some integrate with a weather forecast, and others are based on actual conditions (such as stopping the watering if it is raining).