Three Places a Step Stool Can Make Your Life Easier

Step stools are the perfect solution for those times when you need a little height, but don’t want to fiddle with a ladder.

A step stool is one of the most versatile home accessories you can own. It has a place everywhere from the garage to the bathroom and is handy not only for bringing overhead objects within reach, but also for making it safer to store and access them. However, not all stools are created equal. With different heights, step configurations, and construction qualities, think about how and where you will be using the stool before deciding which one is right for you.

Easy Storage

If you don’t need to gain a lot of height, a three-step stool will likely work for most tasks. Rubbermaid

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For heavy-duty tasks in the garage or workshop, err on the side of more stability and height. That means a solidly built three-step stool to reach higher into the rafters or overhead shelves with a load of lumber, cased power tools, or other bulky items destined for long-term storage.

Durable and Lightweight

For little chores around the house, a two-level model can get you within reach of your ceiling. Rubbermaid

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In a kitchen with standard 8-foot ceilings, a two-step stool will usually suffice. That’s enough to get you into position to safely change a light bulb, retrieve appliances, or do a little touch-up ceiling painting or bug swatting without having to haul in a regular step ladder.

For Growing Kids

These will come in handy when your child needs a boost in the john. iLove

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If anyone needs a leg up now and then, it’s the little ones. Whether that’s for standing at the counter while assisting in the kitchen, or to access the wash basin, or even for reaching target height during potty training, a 10- to 12-inch stool with one or two steps is just the right call.