Whether you love films, sports or reality TV, the volume of streamable content to choose from has increased exponentially over the past decade. While more modern TVs often have this streaming capability built-in, for older models, a plug-in device can help upgrade your set and give you access to hundreds, even thousands of channels and services.

Private Listening Functionality

High definition imagery is paired with a strong signal and an easy-to-use set up in this petite plug-in that offers thousands of channels and also works with Alexa. Roku

Device manufacturers have wised up to the fact that when it comes to streaming services, people like to have choice. So while you might have to download extra channels or apps, it’s likely that whatever your favorite, you’ll be able to get it on pretty much any device. So, for example, most devices will let you access Amazon Prime Video or connect to Alexa, whether they’re Amazon brand or not.

The Gamer’s Choice

Combines quality imagery with storage and expandability, giving access to video content as well as video games. NVIDIA

While some channels or apps allow you to stream their content for free, it’s worth remembering that just because your device gives you access to something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can watch it without a subscription. So, for example, to watch Netflix, ESPN or Disney, you’ll not only need a device that can stream it to your TV, but you’ll also have to have a valid log-on.

High Definition Picture

Boasts access to tens of thousands of channels apps and skills, and over half a million movies and TV episodes, this smart device has more storage for apps and games than any other of similar size. Amazon

If your family is one of those that’s constantly losing the remote control, look for a product that comes with a voice assistant. This means that you can search for content—whether that’s the weather, sports scores or the latest bingeable series—and control it using only your voice. And, if your voice-activated home devices are also linked, you can check things like live camera feeds from around your home too.