Three Ways to Supercharge Your Smartphone Photography

Lens kits can turn your ordinary cell-phone photos into extraordinary.

A person takes a picture with their smartphone.
Smartphone cameras are amazing, but add an aftermarket lens, and your images will be out of this world.Tomas Malik

Of all the improvements in smartphone technology during the last decade, camera function is perhaps the most impressive. From panoramic images to time-lapse photography and even 4K video, a professional-level production studio is right in the palm of your hand. But even with all of the advances in resolution and capability, a phone’s native lens still has limitations. That’s where an aftermarket lens kit can enhance anyone’s photography and video skills. They are affordable, effective, and a great way to expand your creative abilities. Here are a few options to consider.


MACTREM Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens Kit 9 in 1
Adding a telephoto lens to your smartphone opens up the possibility for all sorts of photo effects.MACTREM

With 20X to 25X magnification, a clip-on telephoto lens brings distant subjects closer. It also allows creative techniques, such as a soft-focus backdrop, which brings portrait subjects into sharper focus in the foreground.


Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Macro and Wide Angle Lens with LED Light and Travel Case
If your phone crops too much of an image, use a wide-angle lens to expand your field of view.Xenvo

As sophisticated as they are, smartphone camera lenses still have a relatively limited field of view, and that view changes depending on whether you are shooting photos or video. A wide-angle lens of 0.45X or so will expand the field of view to capture more of your subjects at closer range.


CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Phone Lens for iPhone Samsung Pixel Android, 22X Telephoto Lens, 4K HD 0.67X Super Wide Angle Lens&25X Macro Lens, 205° Fisheye Lens, Work as Telescope with Metal Tripod
If you are new to macro imagery, place your camera on a tripod or some other steady platform to reduce movement and take the best photograph possible.CoPedvic

For true close-up photography, look for a kit featuring a macro lens. That allows the camera to focus closer to an object and still remain sharp, which is especially useful for shooting small subjects. Macro and wide-angle lenses are often sold as threaded, modular components intended to work either together or separately, depending upon which function you need.