Of all the improvements in smartphone technology during the last decade, camera function is perhaps the most impressive. From panoramic images to time-lapse photography and even 4K video, a professional-level production studio is right in the palm of your hand. But even with all of the advances in resolution and capability, a phone’s native lens still has limitations. That’s where an aftermarket lens kit can enhance anyone’s photography and video skills. They are affordable, effective, and a great way to expand your creative abilities. Here are a few options to consider.

Great Value

This allows you to enhance your pics with all kinds of neat effects. MACTREM

With 20X to 25X magnification, a clip-on telephoto lens brings distant subjects closer. It also allows creative techniques, such as a soft-focus backdrop, which brings portrait subjects into sharper focus in the foreground.

Use this to offset a crop-happy device and expand your field of view. Xenvo

As sophisticated as they are, smartphone camera lenses still have a relatively limited field of view, and that view changes depending on whether you are shooting photos or video. A wide-angle lens of 0.45X or so will expand the field of view to capture more of your subjects at closer range.

Also Consider

A steady platform can reduce movement and help you take the best photographs possible. CoPedvic

For true close-up photography, look for a kit featuring a macro lens. That allows the camera to focus closer to an object and still remain sharp, which is especially useful for shooting small subjects. Macro and wide-angle lenses are often sold as threaded, modular components intended to work either together or separately, depending upon which function you need.