Tablet Holders to Turn the Backseat of Your Car Into a Screening Room

Guaranteed to keep little passengers happy.

tablet holder on back of car seat
Instant backseat entertainment.Amazon

Screen time is a tried and true way to keep the peace during long trips or to soothe cranky kids during shorter ones. While we can’t guarantee the backseat will transform into a meltdown free zone as soon as you get a tablet holder, the odds are absolutely in your favor. Here’s what to look for when making this small but necessary upgrade.

Macally Headrest Tablet Holder for Car with USB Charging Hub & Cigarette Lighter Adapter - Charge Up to 4 Devices with 3 USB & 1 USB-C Ports - Universal Fit Tablet & iPad Car Mount 4.5” to 10” Wide
Can be installed directly behind one seat for single passenger viewing or between the driver and passenger seats so multiple passengers can view at once.Macally

For those long trips, the biggest headache is having enough juice so all your devices last. Look for a tablet car mount that has multiple charging ports with options including USB and cigarette lighter adapters. The beauty is that your backseat audience enjoys their movies without interruption—while the front seat passenger can use/charge their device and stay entertained too.

TFY Universal Car Headrest Mount Holder, Fits ALL 7 Inch to 11 Inch Tablets - Apple iPad, iPad 4 (iPad 2 & 3), iPad Air, iPad Mini 2/3/4 - iPad Pro 9.7" - Samsung Galaxy Tab & Note and More
Take it to go in a bag or purse for use in vehicles outside of your own. Will also fit on seat backs of airplanes that do not have monitors already installed.TFY

If you’ll be getting in and out the car often, you want a holder that makes it easy to remove the device. Look for one where the mount stays put on the seat and the device just slides in and out. The beauty is children can learn to remove and replace the device with ease which fosters independence and responsibility of their belongings.

ULEEKA Car Backseat Organizer with 10" Table Holder, 9 Storage Pockets Seat Back Protectors Kick Mats for Kids Toddlers, Travel Accessories, Black, 2 Pack
Comes with a see-through holder for your screen, and nine other spots to hold snacks, activities and even water bottles.ULEEKA

If your backseat isn’t just a “screening room” but also perhaps a “library,” “cafe,” “playroom” and “art studio”—then there’s a lot more to be held than just your tablet. In that case, look for a tablet holder that doubles as a storage organizer and includes lots of pockets and pouches too. That way toys, crayons, water bottles, books and other forms of entertainment are easily accessible and in plain sight instead of lost in the abyss of the backseat.