Wireless Charging Pads for Tangle-Free Power for Your Phone & Ear Buds

Ditch unwanted wires for a neat and tidy charging solution.

Did you know that wireless charging has actually been around for more than 100 years? It uses magnetic fields to transmit electricity through the air, but until smartphone manufacturers started incorporating the technology in their devices it was hardly used. Today, there’s a plethora of choices—here’s how to determine the right one for you.


This juices your device via a 4-foot micro USB cable and comes in black, white and blue. Anker

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While most charging pads are compatible with most wireless charging devices, make sure you purchase a charging pad that suits your needs. To fast charge a Samsung Galaxy, you need a charging pad capable of 10w output. For an iPhone it’s 7.5w. For all other phones and earbuds, 5w will be sufficient.

Sleep-Friendly Design

A rubber surface prevents slippage, while large LED indicators reassure you that your device is charging (then switches off so as not to disturb you). Yootech

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It’s worth noting that the charging capacity of the pad isn’t the only thing you need to think about. They often don’t come with power adapters and while most may have a micro USB or USB-C port for power, you need to ensure that the power adapter that you plug into the wall is capable of giving the pad its maximum output if you want it to function optimally. A regular 5V/1A wall plug provided by your phone’s manufacturer won’t do, so look for something with the Quick Charge label or logo that has an output of 9V or above.

Multiple Functionality

Tidy up your nightstand with this option, which allows you to charge your phone, timepiece and earbuds in one slick dock. Seneo

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If your phone case is magnetic or metallic, it will interfere with the charging process—and might even be dangerous in those instances; you should take your phone out of its case. But if your case isn’t metallic, as long as it’s under around 5mm thick, you should be able to charge your device without removing the case.