Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Second Monitor

Extra screen space on the go.

man looking at laptop
Don’t let a tiny laptop screen stress you out—get a portable monitor.Pexels

More and more of us are working on laptops rather than big desktop CPUs these days. Today’s laptops are great: powerful, capable, portable. But one thing they lack? Big screens. If you don’t want to dock your laptop into a big traditional monitor, portable monitors might be the solution for you.

Portable Monitor
It has built-in speakers, and works with gaming consoles and other devices, too.Lepow

Portable monitors are ideal for those who want some extra screen space, but have limited working space or who simply like to relocate their work area during the day. Typically these monitors plug in via USB or HDMI, just like a regular monitor, but are smaller and can be folded up and taken wherever you need to go.

ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC
At under 2 pounds, this model is super lightweight and easy to carry.ASUS

Portable monitors can turn a cramped laptop work experience into an almost luxurious, command-center-type workstation. Keep spreadsheets on one screen and emails on the other, or chats separate from calendars. Second monitors are especially ideal for any situation where you have one app that’s constantly updating: maybe that’s a stock ticker, an email account or an office communications program.

Apple iPad 9.7 inches with WiFi
Use this as a second monitor or standalone device, if needed.Amazon Renewed

There’s another option, too: you can opt for a tablet. Many tablets, both Android and iPad, feature the ability to use them as second monitors, either wirelessly or through a USB cable. They aren’t quite as big as regular portable monitors, but that also makes them more portable. And, of course, you have access to all of the apps and functionality that tablets provide.