You’ve likely taken thousands of photos of your child, and your child may be eager to get behind the lens. Getting a kid-specific camera can allow your Annie Leibowitz-in-training to take snaps of their day—without you worrying about them damaging pricy equipment. Large buttons and kid-friendly functions makes it easy for preschoolers to take photos by themselves. Some kid-specific cameras may have additional features, like games. The right choice depends on how you plan to use it. Will your child mainly use it for taking snaps in the moment, or are you looking to save and share lasting memories? Are you looking for a camera a kid can use by herself as soon as it’s out of the box or are you looking for something that can grow with her? Here are some features to consider when choosing a kid’s camera.

All Day Play

Rugged shockproof shell provides anti-fall protection; sticker features create fun options for photos. Seckton

Cameras for kids are made with play in mind. Look for cameras that have plastic or rubber shells that can withstand impact and falls. Also look for cameras that are relatively easy to manipulate. Many child cameras have large buttons and illustration-focused displays, so even pre-readers can easily navigate which feature—like video or photo mode—they wish to use.

Tween Friendly

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Polaroid-style cameras are back—with of-the-moment accessories. While these cameras require some foresight (since you need to have film on hand), they can be fun to use at parties and get togethers. These retro-chic models are easy to use for even the youngest photogs, but also have cool-appeal for teens. Even if a kid regularly uses the camera on their smartphone or tablet, they may appreciate seeing how their photos look in print.

Capture action while swimming and splashing around; timer and selfie functions allow for sophisticated photography. Ourlife

A kid’s camera isn’t code for “unsophisticated.” Tech has made it possible to add photography-enthusiast upgrades to even the most rugged kid cameras. Selfie features, a movable lens and automatic lighting for evening and night photography are all things to look for and experiment with as you use the camera with your child. Even though features in kid cameras tend to be simple to use, they may still require some explanation and supervision as your child learns how to use it.