Three Chairs That Can Elevate Your Movie-Watching Experience

How to pick a movie chair that you’ll love—and that will love you back.

Woman lounging on a bean bag chair by the fire
In some cases, your favorite movie chair might not even be a chair at all.Chill Sack

Sometimes a person just needs to watch TV. Not just put it on and do other things, like cook or clean. We’re talking about parking yourself in front of the TV and doing some serious, engrossing, put-phone-on-do-not-disturb, all-in watching. It’s an escape that we all occasionally need, whether it’s watching a corny old black-and-white movie from the 1940s or binging an entire new series on Netflix.

That’s not the time to sit on a ratty couch or (perish the thought) the floor. You need—nay, you deserve—a chair just for watching movies. Here are three types and what each can bring to your relationship with the boob tube.

The Club Chair

Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat
The classically styled Homall Recliner Club Chair has a massage function and a well-padded seat and back.Homall

If you’ll be watching TV in a room that has to function as a living room, or otherwise is a place that other people will see and enter, you need a club chair for watching movies. A club chair is basically a comfortable, padded, and elegant armchair. It fits right in with standard coffee tables, sofas, end tables, and lamps. But that’s where its cover ends. The club chair made for watching movies has a secret identity. It reclines, part-way and full way, allowing you to get into just the right position for watching TV. It has a retractable padded footrest. It may even have a massage function, so the chair will actually help you unwind physically and emotionally, and it’s your little secret.

The Modern Bean Bag

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag
The five-foot Chill Sack Bean Bag chair is filled with shredded memory foam and has a washable microfiber cover.Chill Sack

This is the I-had-a-long-day-and-just want-to-drop-into-it-and-not-move-while-I-watch-a-movie chair. You can sit, lay down, sprawl out into a very unladylike position, curl into a very unmanly ball, and even suck your thumb on the modern bean bag chair. You can be yourself, because you don’t adjust to this chair. The chair adjusts to you. The modern bean bag chair is filled shredded memory foam, which makes it conform exactly to your body. It’s one of the most comfortable chairs on the planet. If you’re tight on space, or simply want to keep the bean bag away from prying eyes, you can store in a closet when you’re not using it. If you were going to have an affair with a movie chair, this is the one. Make sure your modern bean bag has a washable cover. Not that the two previous sentences are related or anything.

The Do-It-All-for-You Chair

Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge
Esright’s Massage Recline chair is heated and swivels 360 degrees.Esright

This is the kind of movie chair that you give a name and talk to (“See you tonight, Wanda!”) because it’s like having your own personal home assistant that’s looking after your every need. It reclines. It swivels. It has cup holders. It has a pocket for remotes. It massages. It even has a heating function for those chilly nights. Such chairs are large, well padded, and super comfortable, so you can position yourself any way you want on it. Some dedicated movie chairs are even big enough for two people. But you know what they say; three’s a crowd.