Three Different Ways to Curl Hair

Curling your hair isn’t as cut-and-dry as it used to be.

Looking for a new way to curl your hair? Thanks to modern technology, there are many options when it comes to getting that perfect curl, and in minimal time. No one wants to waste time doing their hair, so in order to have it look nice with little time dedication, you’ll want a hair wand. Whatever your preference is for ways of curling, you’ve got options including a curl chamber, a flat iron, and a waver.

Curl Chamber

Watch your hair get sucked into the chamber and come out a perfect curl. CHI

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This hair wand is possibly the easiest design to use. Simply stick your hair in place, push the button, and watch as it goes down into the chamber. Depending on the heat setting you put it on, the wand will hold your hair in the chamber for a certain amount of time and beep when it’s done. This type of hair wand is a great way avoid buring your hair as well.

Flat Iron

Who know an iron used for flattening could curl? HSI

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Hair wands can come in a flat iron form that makes this tool even more useful due to its versatility. To use a flat iron to curl your hair, simply flip and curl it. Look for a flat iron that comes with a glove to keep you from burning yourself while using the tool. Also aim to get a hair wand that is made with ceramic and tourmaline to help leave your hair with a healthy and silky finish.


Wave barrels are a great option for hair wands that get the job done. Bed Head

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Another way you can curl your hair is via a waver. The barrel that comes on this type of hair wand makes curling your hair easy. Simply clamp a section of your hair between the two barrels, hold for a few seconds, and release. You’ll get a clean curl every time, without the frizz thanks to tourmaline ceramic plates.