Three Different Ways to Use an Exercise Ball

Even though it has the name “exercise” in it, an exercise ball can do more than just help you with sit-ups.

exercise ball
An exercise ball can be a welcome, comfortable alternative to your stiff office chair.Gaiam

Who doesn’t love versatility? With all the products in our modern-day world, if you can get something that kills two or three birds with one stone, you are doing yourself a serious favor. And an exercise ball is one of those products. If you’re looking to up your exercise game while also getting some added benefits, you’re going to love this. An exercise ball can be used for the obvious (exercise), for stretching, and also as an office chair.


URBNFit Exercise Ball
Imagine that—using your exercise ball for exercise!URBNFit

Exercise balls were created for, well, exercise so why not use them for their original intention? You can get a lot of exercise out of this one product, so look for an exercise ball that comes with a workout guide to help you learn all the different ways you can utilize this to really up your exercise routine. Prepare to be surprised at all the different ways you can work your body with this thing and be prepared to be quite sore from working muscles in ways you’ve never worked them before.


Trideer Exercise Ball
Whether you’re working out or not, stretching is key to keeping your body healthy.Trideer

Feeling tight muscles often? Chances are good that’s because you’re not stretching enough. Even for those who aren’t working out on a regular basis, stretching is important to keep your muscles from tightening up, and an exercise ball is a great way to get stretches in some areas that may seem otherwise impossible to reach. With an exercise ball that is slip-resistant and anti-burst, you can really challenge yourself to get some deep stretches.

Office Chair

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair
Using an exercise ball for your office chair boasts some great benefits.Gaiam

We all have had those days where we’ve sat in the same uncomfortable chair for too long and our bodies are certainly suffering as a result. When you replace your regular desk chair with an exercise ball that comes with a ball stand, you will feel the difference. Making your sitting more active is great for your overall health, as well as the proper alignment of your body, specifically your back. In addition, you will move more when sitting on an exercise ball, and that promotes the engagement of your body and mind, which are both very important when you’re spending a lot of time sitting.