Three Discrete and Effective Self-Defense Systems Women Should Own

Nobody wants to encounter a bad situation, but if it happens, you’ll be glad you’re carrying one of these items.

Unfortunately, it’s a fact of modern life that all women should have some form of self- defense handy. Whether that’s actual physical training, or a stun gun, or just some sort of noisemaker, nothing says “No!” like putting up a fight. There are plenty of options, but choosing the right device depends on your circumstance, the perceived threat level, and your willingness to carry and deploy a defense. Here are a few popular methods, each utilizing a different degree of force, any of which are better than being caught unprepared.

Stun Guns

A stun gun is handy, and effective, especially in face-to-face confrontations. VIPERTEK

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The stun gun is a tried-and-true defense system used by civilians and law enforcement alike. While a little bulkier than a pepper spray cannister and perhaps a bit more daunting to use, it has the most stopping power of the three devices included here. However, like the name suggests, it is meant to only stun the assailant. For even more authority, consider a taser, which utilizes darts that can be deployed from a distance and will embed in an attacker’s skin with enough force to incapacitate them.

Pepper Spray

In most situations, pepper spray is powerful enough to stop a human, or animal, in its tracks. SABRE

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In the right strength and dose, a large can of pepper spray can stop a charging grizzly bear. For civilian use, however, smaller spray dispensers are easier to carry in public. They are an excellent deterrent to unwanted attention. Some pepper cannisters are sprays that lay out a wide fog against an attacker, while others are gels intended for point-of-impact defense that won’t disperse through the air-duct system of, say, a vehicle, hallway, or building.

Whistles and Alarms

If you aren’t keen on carrying a defensive weapon, a whistle is a great defense because it draws attention to your situation for every direction. Taiker

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One of the first rules of self-defense is to make some noise. That includes screaming, shouting, and putting up verbal resistance as loudly as possible. A whistle or electric alarm can disrupt an attacker’s resolve long enough to escape, and it may also draw attention to your situation from others.