Three Electronics That Keep Insects at Bay

Zappers and shockers are easy and safe ways to dispatch bugs (and are a little fun to use at the same time).

Flying insects can be a nuisance at any time of year. Yet summer mosquitoes, spring horseflies, and pesky fruit flies are no match for an electric bug zapper (which also makes a terrific gift). Lured by the neon blue UV glow and, in some cases, chemical attractants, insects offer confirmation of their exit from your air space with each satisfying zzzzzzapp! No matter where you wage the insect war, there is an electric bug zapper to ensure that you win every battle.


Bug zappers can lure insects in from long distances, but the devices are especially effective for short-range work around porches and patios. Flowtron

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An outdoor bug zapper can have an effective range of up to one and a half acres. That’s plenty to lighten up the insect traffic on any porch, patio, or backyard gazebo.


If you have a problem with insects indoors, there are devices that can eliminate the problem. Brison

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Fruit flies are the bane of every kitchen. But with a plug-in zapper, you can exterminate them silently and odorlessly 24/7/365. Just plug it into an outlet, and clean the catch try every so often to eliminate these pests from your entire house.


A hand held bug zapper puts the weapon of an insect’s destruction into your palm. Elucto

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If blue Death Stars and plug-in incinerators aren’t sporty enough for you, try a hand-held bug zapper. They utilize the same electrical force as traditional zappers but add a bit of excitement to settling the score with individual adversaries. Tennis, anyone?