You’ve got something to say. Or maybe that music’s bubbling inside and bursting to be shared. Today’s many media platforms are waiting for your creative self-expression. With access to and the ease of using home digital recording systems, you can create high quality audio recordings that showcase your creative talents. Along with your recording program on your laptop, here are the three essentials to get you started producing your own professional-sounding recordings.

Recording Mic

This versatile recording mic offers a range of recording options for optimal sound reproduction. Blue

For home recording you’ll want a quality condenser mic with high sensitivity and frequency range.

DAW/Audio Interface

This audio interface comes with the Pro Tools recording software package. Focusrite

An external audio interface mixer enables you to manage and enhance the audio recording through adding equalizer adjustments and effects, as well as mixing multiple recordings or channels together.


These professional headphones are very comfortable for wear over long periods. Audio-Technica

Quality audio production requires that you be able to really hear the results of your efforts. You need a set of excellent playback speakers or monitoring headphones, or both.