Well-cooked rice is the icing on top of an already great meal. And it’s even better when all you have to do is throw uncooked rice in a machine and go about doing other things. Everyone loves simplifying cooking as much as possible, so when you’re looking to simplify the staple of rice in your meals, keep in mind these three things.


A 6-quart rice cooker allows you to make a fair amount of rice at once. Crock-Pot

How much rice do you eat? This is a question you’ll want to answer, as that will determine the size of the rice cooker you need to purchase. Choose from 4 quart, 6 quart, 8 quart, and 10 quart sizes to align with the amount of cooking you plan to use rice for. For help measuring, estimate that a 6 quart rice cooker makes enough rice for at least 7 people.


Sometimes a rice cooker does far more than just cook rice. Instant Pot

A pressure cooker is great for cooking rice, but also doubles as a slow cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and more. Versatility is great to have in the kitchen, and a pressure cooker allows you the option for 14 different programs to try your hand at a little bit of everything. Why only perfect your rice when you have options to expand your entire cooking skillset?

Clean-Up and Storage

All is fun in the kitchen until it’s time to clean up. Zojirushi

No one likes to clean-up post cooking in the kitchen, so to make your life easier, look for a rice cooker that takes some stress off your cleanup duties. Stainless steel is an ideal surface that wipes clean in no time and simultaneously looks snazzy. A retractable power cord is another feature you’ll love having to keep the cord mess to a minimum.