While little dogs create dainty little piles of waste that you can grip with a waste-bag-gloved hand, bigger pups make a bigger feces footprint. The only way to truly keep your hands clean is with a pooper scooper. These are our picks.

Pivoting Design

Product caption: This ergonomic pick has an extended reach of 32 inches, so you can stay comfortably distant from your best friend’s waste. Petmate

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A bin-and-rake combo—especially one that comes with scented bags included—gives you everything you need to dispose of pet waste in one fell swoop. Fasten the bag around the bin, snap the rake around the droppings, deposit it in the bin and then just knot it up and toss. You won’t have to touch anything you don’t want to, and if you’re using an extra-long handle, you won’t even have to get close to it (or bend uncomfortably).

For Canines of All Sizes

This coated-stainless-steel option is durable and rust-proof, so you can keep it outside or hook it to the garage wall. The roomy pan is perfect for larger breeds. Pawler

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A rule of thumb regarding the size of your pooper scooper: Bigger isn’t necessarily better if “bigger” also means “heavier.” Remember that a scooper that’s heavy when it’s empty is only going to get more cumbersome once it’s full. Still, look for one with a large enough pan to make cleaning up easy.


You’re used to looking for this feature in omelet pans, but a cling-averse material is a game changer when it comes to waste cleanup, too. Nature’s Miracle

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Even if your pooper scooper is non-stick, you’ll still want to make sure to sanitize it frequently. A simple soak in disinfectant will do, but there are some specific solutions out there to get an even deeper clean. Some brands make stain-and-odor removers and urine-destroyers to wash your rake and pan in. Before you use, just make sure that the material of your pooper scooper is compatible with the cleaner you’ve chosen.