Three Features You Need in a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Measuring your pulse and blood pressure has never been easier..

You know those times when you can feel your blood pressure rising? We’ve all been there, when something just really gets your blood boiling and shoots up our pressure to levels that we don’t like to spend a lot of time at. However, there are times when it’s harder to read your blood pressure but is still important to do so. That’s where a fingertip pulse oximeter comes in handy. This tool will give you reliable blood pressure readings that will keep your health in tip-top shape. You want a fingertip pulse oximeter that is compact and easy to use on the go, one that also measure your heart rate and O2 levels, as well as one that works for any sized finger.

Compact and Convenient

Don’t fuss with a clunky option to keep on top of your vitals. Reach instead for this small, fuss-free product. Zacurate


It may feel like having to check your O2 levels and blood pressure is annoying enough, so don’t make it more difficult on yourself by dealing with a big machine that is cumbersome and has you swearing under your breath all day. Thanks to modern technology, there is such a thing as a small and compact fingertip pulse oximeter that can fit in your pocket and go anywhere with you, so you have it any time you may need it. Or, find one that sits on your wrist and that can double as a watch that tells you more than just the time.

Multipurpose Tool

This option is latex-free, in case you’re allergic. Santamedical


Rather than dealing with multiple different devices that measure different vitals, make things easier on yourself (and thus, help keep your heart rate and blood pressure down) by getting one little device that does it all for you. The right fingertip pulse oximeter will measure your heart rate, your blood oxygen level, and bonus points if it measures your sleep patterns.

Smart Size

From small to large fingers. Zacurate


Few things feel more frustrating than when something doesn’t fit. Whether that’s a pair of pants or a fingertip pulse oximeter, it is annoying as heck. We can’t guarantee anything about your pants, but we can advise you to buy a fingertip pulse oximeter that is adjustable to accommodate a variety of finger sizes. Whether you’re 12 years old or 112 years old, this device should be able to fit your finger and with a top-rated fingertip pulse oximeter, it will, thanks to a spring system that makes adjustments quick and easy.