Three Features You Need in a Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are more firm than conventional pillows and can offer better head support while sleeping.

Sleep is something you should take seriously. After all, doctors recommend we spend roughly one-third of our lives doing it! We all spend a lot of time in bed, with our head on a pillow, so you’d better make sure you rest your head on a pillow you absolutely love. Memory foam has become one of the popular materials for pillows and with good reason. You can get it in a wide range of firmness and softness levels, and they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. But there are ton of other features you should also consider. Here are just a few.


These dreamy pillows are filled with high-quality, shredded memory foam and have a nice soft cover. Dreaming Wapiti

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Memory foam used to just come in solid, pillow shaped blocks. A lot of people loved them, but a lot of people didn’t. Thankfully, pillow-makers have discovered the shredder. Shredded memory foam pillows may feel more like traditional pillows, but still give you the support of memory foam, which might be your happy medium.


Not only is it made with luxurious fabric, but this pillow comes with an extra bag of memory foam, so you can find your perfect level of height and support. Coop Home Goods

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If you’re going to go the aforementioned shredded memory foam route, you may find that the pillow has too much loft, or not enough, and it causes your neck to be at an uncomfortable angle. Well, some pillows open up so you can adjust the level of stuffing to get it to the perfect height for you.


This ergonomic, orthopedic pillow is gently contoured to be the perfect shape for side-sleepers, back-sleepers, and even stomach sleepers. EPABO

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There’s still a lot to be said for the solid style of memory foam pillows. For one thing, they can be contoured. They may have a bit of a cutout for your shoulder, or a subtle roll for your neck. This may be a more ergonomic design that fits your body shape.