Three Features You Need in a Public Announcement System

Before you pick up a bullhorn, know that there are more powerful and functional PA systems available.

You don’t want to be that guy shouting through a bullhorn, right? We didn’t think so. A quality public address (PA) system just says confidence, competence and, well, cool; not to mention the social power dynamics when you’re holding a microphone. So, here is a word to the wise; look for these factors when considering a PA system.

Say It Loud

This system weighs about 20 pounds, includes a mic, and features a sweet bass boost for when you need that low-end oomph. ION Audio

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Unless your entourage has a bunch of Sherpas in it, you’re going to want a PA system that is highly portable, doesn’t weigh much and is easy to set up and take down.

Optimal Sound

This powerful little model is rechargeable and can be used wirelessly with your smartphone. Bose

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You don’t need Bluetooth connectivity if the only thing you’re using the PA for is to project a speaker’s voice. Since most PA’s have multiple functions, having Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream your audio from your smartphone or computer, a handy feature even if you’re only playing background music.

Great Quality

This travel-friendly PA system has enough power to cover small rooms. EARISE

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The size of the room and the number of people you need to hear what you’re broadcasting will determine how much power you need in your PA system.