Three Features You Need in Your Next Space Heater

A compact, efficient, and safe heater can warm up small spaces in your home and save you money on your heating bills.

It’s a rare for a home or cabin to not host a cold spot or two, but it rarely calls for turning up the heat to 80 just to make that one spot livable. A good space heater can touch up that room or cold spot on demand, saving you money on heating and keeping you comfortable when you need it. Some space heaters also boost the ambience. Check out these three heaters that will do the trick.

Moves on Caster Wheels

This popular model has auto shut-off. Dr Infrared Heater

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Choosing a model for its energy-saving features like adjustable and programmable thermostats, remote control, and low power usage will save you money.

Pretty Flame Effect

This one looks like a wood burner but is way more efficient. Duraflame

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Aside from basic heat production, some models feature attractive designs that emulate fireplaces or wood stoves, contributing to the cozy atmosphere of the room or cabin.

Added Security

An oil-filled model offers superior safety, while its design makes it efficient and convenient. PELONIS

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Quality space heaters have safety features like tip-over shut off, automatic shut off after a certain time period, and high temperature limiter. They are designed for compactness and easy mobility.