Three Features You Need in an Electric Grooming Tool

If you’re cleaning up your first mustache or beard, or you just need a tool to keep those sideburns in order, a specialized electric trimmer can be a huge help.

Man using a beard trimmer
Mustaches and beards are “in” and fun to grow, so long as you keep whiskers and hair neat and orderly.Wahl

When it comes to keeping a beard or hairstyle neatly groomed, there is no substitute for an electric trimmer. It puts the power of a professional barber right in your own hands to subdue shaggy sideburns, overgrown mustaches, or any other hirsute region begging for attention. Here are three features you’ll want to consider when looking for an electric beard trimmer.

Trimming Attachments

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000, Men's Grooming Kit
The more trimming options you have, the better the trim.Philips Norelc

At minimum, an electric trimmer should have both a fine and a coarse cutting blade. Ideally, it will also include an attachment for skin-close shaving, as well as a narrow head for fine trimming, shaping, and etching.

Guard Selection

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer for Men
If you plan to use a trimmer for more than your beard, be sure to get plenty of blade guard options.Wahl

You can’t have too many blade guards. From fading combs for sideburns and temples to body, beard, and stubble guards, each one has a specific profile and depth of cut to achieve whatever look you are going for.

Nose/Ear Trimmer

HATTEKER Beard Trimmer Kit For Men
For cleaning up those tight places around the nose and ears, an attachment designed for specifically that purpose works best.HATTEKER

Among the many cutting blades available with an electric trimmer, the nose/ear attachment is perhaps the most undervalued. But when it comes to weed-whacking troublesome foliage of the nostrils and ears, only a tool designed specifically for that unique terrain will suffice. To own one is to love one.