Three Features You Need in Your Next Bathtub Tray

Adding a tray to your tub can help you relax in warm water and bubbles and still be within reach of your favorite book or smartphone.

Do you find yourself not spending much time in the bathtub as you’d like because you get thirsty, or you can’t stand being away from your smartphone? Or maybe you’re feeling hungry and have to climb out to grab a snack? With a bathtub tray, you can have all those things, and more, an arm’s reach away, which means more time spent in steaming hot bubbles. A bathtub tray can help your baths last for as long as you’d like because you’ve got everything you need right there in front of you. But before you run out and grab a tray, here are a few things you should consider.

Built to Last

One-size-fits-all means you can take it with you wherever you go. Royal Craft Wood

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The idea of a bathtub tray is great—until you get it and it’s not the right size. Either it’s too big, or it’s too small, and you’re left feeling disappointed. Instead of letting this happen, look for a bathtub tray that is adjustable. Fit the bathtub tray to your bathtub simply by sliding the handles, and voila!

For Your Entertainment

You can’t have a soak without reading material, right? Bambüsi

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The idea of reading a book in the bath always sounds nice but it can be difficult. You don’t want to have to hold the book up for too long, and who wants to worry about getting a book or Kindle wet? Look for a bathtub tray that comes with a reading rack that can hold your book or Kindle so you can read your book “almost” hands-free.

Sturdy and Durable

Get a model constructed with non-synthetic materials that compliments your tub. Nature Gear

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When you’re getting squeaky clean in a bathtub, you don’t want a bathtub tray made of strange unnatural materials—you want to keep it as natural as the way you feel when you’re done with a soak. With a bamboo tray, you can. Not only is a bamboo bathtub tray natural, it also looks great in and out of the bathtub, and it lasts a long time against elements like steam and water.