Getting ready for work, school, an interview, or a night on the town is always easier with a high-quality vanity mirror. Professional make-up artists and stylists know that there are certain things in a personal mirror that are essential for achieving your best look. Before buying another mirror, consider these state-of-the art features.

Lighted Frame

Mirrors with different light modes can help you gauge what you look like in different spectrums. AirExpect

A lighted mirror is always going to produce the most accurate reflection of what the rest of the world sees. Mirrors with a range of color temperatures allow you to check your look in a full spectrum of lighting conditions, from warm to cool, from harsh daylight to subtle evening glows.

Variable Magnification

A mirror that magnifies your reflection can help you see details better. KOOLORBS

While a single mirror is sufficient for touch-ups and quick appearance checks, a vanity mirror with variable magnification will serve you much better when it comes to fine work with eyeliner, hiding blemishes, or even for achieving that perfect look for an on-screen appearance, costume parties, or Halloween night.


A small portable mirror works great for those occasions when you have to travel and don’t have room to carry anything larger. Vimdiff

While adjustable folding mirrors with all the bells and whistles are great for home use, they can take up a fair amount of space. For travel, consider a portable mirror with a single lighted pane that can be easily transported anywhere business or pleasure takes you.