With germs running around rampant non-stop, it may feel nearly impossible not to catch something. We hear all the time about the importance of washing your hands, but what we don’t hear as much about is covering your face. And we aren’t just talking about when you sneeze—we are talking about all the time, with a sanitary face mask that you wear when you’re out in public. These are more than just the new fashion trend, and there are some things you’ll love about having a sanitary face mask, like stretchable earloops, multiple layers, and print options.

Stretchable Earloops

No one likes hurting their ears trying to put something over them, and with the help of stretchable earloops on your sanitary face mask, you won’t have to. Futurelove

Trying to fit a one-size-fits-all thing over your ears that truly does not fit all sizes can be miserable. And when it comes to keeping yourself clean from germs, you really don’t want to be fussing with trying to get something over your ears. Thus, look for a sanitary face mask that has stretchable earloops that make putting this thing on as easy as 1-2-3. Pull the earloops to the length you need to get the mask over your head and into its proper place.

Multiple Layers

Like an onion, you want your sanitary face mask to have layers. coopower

There are some germs that one layer of mask works great for. And then there are other times when you need more than one layer to protect you from what sits on the other side of that sanitary face mask. That’s where the mask with three layers comes in. Look for a mask that is made of non-woven fiber fabric that manages to still be breathable without letting the bad stuff in. Also, make sure the fabric is soft, too, since this thing is going to be sitting on your face for the foreseeable future.

Print Options

Why not have fun with your health and make it fashionable? UTRIPSUNEW

While safety and health should be your top concerns, you should also be allowed to have some fun with your sanitary face mask and pick one that has fun prints on it. Just make sure your mask is fun, without sacrificing function. You still want a mask with quality fabric that is skin-friendly and provides you the protection you need while also giving you the bit to let your personality shine.