Three Features You Need in Your Yoga Pants

You might think yoga pants as just stretchy pants to wear to class, but there are other qualities you should consider.

The word “yoga” in “yoga pants” is a bit of misnomer because we all know that people wear yoga pants in more places than just to yoga class. In fact, a lot of people that wear yoga pants may have never done yoga in their lives. Regardless of what you’re doing in your yoga pants, you’re wearing them because you appreciate a specific level of comfort. You’re also likely looking for a stretchy fit, something with a wide waistband, and a breathable fabric.


Few things are worse than a pair of workout pants that don’t stretch. IUGA

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In order to work out or do any sort of movement, you need your pants to stretch and conform to your movements. That’s why you don’t (generally) see people at the gym in jeans. There needs to be some room for movement and forgiveness in your workout wear, so make sure your yoga pants are designed to have a stretchy fit that allows for a range of movement, regardless of what you’re wearing them for.

Wide Waistband

Some degree of compression around your waste will help you feel your best. Spalding

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We all have those days where we may not feel like wearing tight clothing, but we’ve have to put on a pair of yoga pants to go to class, or run errands, or hang out around the house in something other than our robe. That’s why you need yoga pants with a wide waistband. A wide waistband provides just the right amount of compression around your midsection and waist without feeling too tight. You’ll feel more comfortable in something tight, and still have the movement you need in yoga pants.

Breathable Fabric

Even if you’re just wearing your yoga pants around the house, you don’t want perspiration building up between your skin and pants. HISKYWIN

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If you’re rocking these yoga pants to a workout class, then there is no doubt you’re going to want breathable fabric—otherwise your body will feel like its suffocating. Even if you’re just relaxing at home, wearing yoga pants that are breathable is still a priority. Bonus points if the pants are also moisture-wicking and keep you dry even if you’re drenched in sweat from a workout.