Three Features Your Toddler Needs in a Swimsuit

Buying a swimsuit for your toddler is a lot different than buying one for an adult.

Little girl on the beach wearing a hat and flamingo bathingsuit
The best toddler swimwear will keep your child safe in the elements and let them enjoy being young and playing in water. RuffleButts RuffleButts

Shopping for swimsuits is a fun thing. It means that either warm weather is on its way to you, or that you are heading somewhere warm that necessitates wearing a bathing suit. Either way, hooray for warm weather and playing in water! Shopping for a swimsuit for yourself can be fun. You get to choose your favorite style, cut, print, and so much more. But things change when you’re shopping for a swimsuit for your toddler. Here are a few keys to finding a swimsuit for your little one that protects them from the sun without inhibiting their play time.

Quick-Change Snaps & Zipper

Keeping your toddler’s skin safe should be your top priority. RuffleButts

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Sun protection is important for everyone, but kids in particular. Sunscreen is an absolute must, but it’s nice to have another layer of protection for your kiddos in the form of a toddler swimsuit that has built-in sun protection. Find this in a swimsuit made of material that offers SPF protection. The ideal SPF level is at least 50.

Draw Cord & Mesh Lining

Kids don’t always play nice and clean. Simple Joys by Carter’s

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Toddlers put their clothes to the ultimate test. They get them dirty, play around in them, and more. Thus, when you are shopping for a toddler swimsuit, you want one that is built well and can withstand the toddler test of time. This is even more the case when it comes to toddler swimsuits because things such as sand, chlorine, and more can cause some damage to low-quality swimwear.

Pulls On & Off

The struggle of putting clothing items on a toddler is real, so make sure you don’t have to fight to get your little swimmer into the proper attire. Simple Joys by Carter’s

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To avoid starting a war with your toddler when putting his or her swimsuit on, do yourself a favor and get a toddler swimsuit that is easy to put on and take off. This means for most the combo of a separate top and bottom, rather than a one-piece. A one-piece may look cuter but can be a real pain when you’re trying to change a diaper.