It’s easy ignore the little things—such as that little thing that holds your pants up in the first place. We’ve been relying on the same belt technology for centuries: a tongue buckle with a prong that fits through a pre-drilled belt hole—but no more. Ratchet belts are becoming more and more common, and while they once were more often seen on sleek dress belts, this style of buckling up is now available on every day and sport belts, as well. If you’re thinking of taking your belt game up a notch, here are three reasons why a ratchet belt should be your next buy.

Top Pick

This style has a tough buckle alloyed with zinc for extra scratch resistance. Bulliant

A traditional belt might have a dozen holes for adjustment, so half the time the belt is a little too tight, and half the time it’s a little too lose. Most ratchet belts have three times that many adjustment options, so you can dial in a custom, perfect fit every time. And with all those adjustments, it’s super easy to quickly loosen a belt if you need a bit of slack—like when you dive in and polish off the entire extra-large pizza!

Great Value

It has contrast stitching for a stylish, finished look. Lavemi

One of the knocks on a traditional tongue buckle is the fact that they don’t last. The belt holes get worn out and widen. Leather belts can develop an ugly crease after long use, and the crease will show if you lose or gain weight and need to adjust your belt. Not so a ratchet belt. The adjustment track is on the hidden, inner side. There are no belt holes to loosen. And the hard-plastic zipper tracks last practically forever.

Also Consider

This model can be sized all the way up to a waist length of 64 inches. Marino Avenue

What’s up with the sizing of a traditional belt? It’s just too complicated—measuring your waist, and then do you add a couple of inches? What’s the formula? Forget all that with a ratchet belt. Most come in size categories that can accommodate 12 inches of adjustment or more. You simply cut off what you don’t need, attach the buckle, and hit the door.