Three Hampers to Help with Laundry Duty

Finding a repository to stash and transport your dirty clothes will make time at the washing machine a little easier to endure.

Dreaded laundry day. It’s never fun to do your laundry, but there are ways you can make it easier and far less painful. It all starts with the right laundry hamper. By getting your laundry ready to be washed ahead of time, your laundry will become a quick and easy breeze. For the perfect laundry hamper, look for one that is collapsible, one that is sortable, and one that has removable bags.

DOKEHOM 82L Large Laundry Basket
Sometimes there isn’t enough space for a giant laundry basket in your room.DOKEHOM

These days, space is very limited in apartments and homes if you’re living in a city, and every square inch counts. Don’t waste space on a laundry hamper. Instead, go for a laundry hamper that is collapsible and can be packed away in a small space, but is also easy to carry when you’re ready to actually do the laundry.

Caroeas Laundry Sorter
Do your laundry the adult way and sort it.Caroeas

While it may be easier to just throw your laundry all in one load, we’ve all had times when we majorly regretted it. Don’t make the same mistake twice. Instead, get a laundry hamper that has separated bags to let you sort your clothes. Dark clothes, light clothes, and hand wash only are some great options, or you can choose your own categories.

Simple Houseware Double Laundry Hamper with Lid and Removable Laundry Bags
Make transporting your laundry easy with removable bags.Simple Houseware

Lugging a giant hamper to wherever your laundry room may be is almost as fun as doing the actual laundry itself. So, make your life easier by finding a laundry hamper that has removable bags. Stuff them full of dirty clothes and just take the bags out when you’re ready to wash your clothes. How easy is that?