Hats are no longer an outdoor necessity. They’re morphed into fashion statements and cultural icons. Trucker’s hats are the current rage, but they’ve only been around since about the 1970s. The foam-backed tall front piece made it easy to attach logos, and they were given away at feed stores and truck stops by the truckload, and these days, you’re just as likely to don a cap indoors as out. But for bald men, choosing the right hat is about much more than making a statement. To make the right choice, think about where you’ll rock your cap, indoors or out? Cold or warm? Rainy or dry? There’s a lid for every situation.

Top Pick

This bombproof watch cap comes in more than 20 colors. Carhartt

A full head of hair may look okay, but the real purpose of all that pelage is to keep your noggin warm. Without a soaring pompadour up top, bald men are at real risk of losing body heat through the head. It’s easy to keep a thermal hat handy, and there are many choices. Cotton hats are comfortable and breathable, but not the best choice for frigid conditions. Wool caps are warm and retain heat when wet. Acrylic hats are super easy to care for, stretchy, and comfortable. Keep a watch cap stashed in your car or office so you’ll never be without.

Classic Look

This hat features a full fabric back panel for added sun protection. Under Armour

It’s totally understandable that you’d like to rock your gorgeous dome uncovered for all the world to see, but even the casual bald fellow needs to cover up on occasion. When you’re not so worried about cold temperatures or blazing sun, an all-American baseball-styled cap is the way to go. There’s enough front bill to block the sun while driving or playing sports, while the lack of a brim in the back of the cap keeps it from hanging up on car seats or getting in the way of a midday snooze.

Also Consider

You can easily fold this item in half for storage and portability. Einskey

Protecting that gorgeous, smooth expanse of baldness is a key consideration, and blocking harmful sun rays is your first line of defense. A hat with an all-around brim not only keeps burning UV rays off the top of your head, but shades other vulnerable areas, including the tops of your ears, back of the neck, and nose. One downside to a wide brim hat is its tendency to catch the wind, so look for chin cords that cinch down tight or elastic brim drawstrings for a custom fit.