While you certainly want your toiletry bag to look nice, you have to dig deeper than that and get one that gives you not only all the features you want, but also everything you need, to travel with your personal items. While that may not be exactly true for everyone, generally speaking these, are the three keys to finding the ideal toiletry bag.


Accidents happen, and you want to be able to wash your kit. Herschel

When you’re dealing with things such as toiletries, spills can happen and make a mess. Thankfully, with a washable toiletry bag, that mess can be cleaned up fairly easily. It’s also a good idea to wash your toiletry bag once in a while to keep it clean and to keep your products clean, too.


Convenient Design

Reveals everything inside so you can find exactly what you need in no time. BAGSMART

If you feel like you may spend 10 minutes digging through your toiletry bag to find what you’re looking for, then a hanging one is likely going to be best for you. Using the attached 360-degree swivel metal hook, you can hang up a kit and find everything you need. Also look for one that has a two-way zipper to make access easy.



Quality trumps quantity—even when it comes to one of these. KOMALC

Toiletry bags aren’t something you want to replace regularly, so when you decide to get one, make it one that is built to last. A handcrafted buffalo leather toiletry bag is a great option that is not only classy, but durable and tough, with just the right amount of rugged appearance.