Acupuncture has been around for a very long time and many people swear it relieves all sorts of aches and pains. But what if you hate the idea of needles sticking in your skin, or what if you don’t have the means to get to an acupuncturist regularly? Consider an acupressure mat. These mats aid in muscle-pain relief, as well as relaxation after a stressful day. There is one catch; the rosettes that line the mats aren’t exactly comfortable.


Finding the right spot to use your mat is important because you want to be able to relax. ProsourceFit

People who are new to acupressure mats and are looking for soft support should lay the mat out on their bed or a couch. This will keep the mat from poking as deep into your body as it would if you positioned a mat on a harder surface. When you feel you’ve adjusted to the mat a bit more and are ready to take things to the next level, lay the mat onto the floor and try using it there. Slow and steady wins the race, so take your time moving from the bed or couch to the floor.

Create a Barrier

Wear a shirt or place some sort of barrier between your skin and the mat. Nayoya

There is no hiding the fact that the first time you touch an acupressure mat, you’re going to think “ouch!” and wonder how in the heck you’re supposed to lay on it. Furthermore, you’re going to wonder how in the heck it will bring you any sort of relief. It will, but you have to ease into a routine, and wear a shirt or put a thin layer between you and the mat to help relieve some of the sharpness of the rosettes the first few times you use it. Over time, you can adjust to the mat and be able to lay on it with no barrier under your skin.

Be Consistent

Don’t expect magic results after using an acupuncture mat just one time. Ajna

Though some people have felt immediate relief after using an acupressure mat just one time, don’t expect the same results. Everyone is different, and a mat is intended for regular use in order to feel pain relief. Start using it every couple of days and then, as you become acclimated to the spiky sensation, use the mat more frequently.