Resistance bands will keep you in the game, whether your game is 3-on-3 basketball or gardening in the backyard. These stretchy bands, with their high-tech attachments, will give you a good stretch or build serious muscle, and you get to choose whether to dial up your workout or take it easy with low-weight repetitions, and compared to a full-blown weight workout at the gym, it will take only a fraction of the time to get back in shape, and stay there.

Multifunctional and Portable

This color-coded kit includes weights of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-pounds. Whatafit

While most resistance band kits come with mechanisms for hand grips, ankle straps and even door attachments, the only limit to where you can work out with bands is your imagination. Take them on a hike along a local greenway or set up a backyard workout station. It’s a snap to loop bands around a backyard tree or park swing set and knock out a couple of sets of rows or pull-downs for a back-muscle boost.

Full-body Training

The carabiner-type clips enable you to double up for an even more intense session. Tribe

There’s a reason many formal physical therapy sessions start out with resistance bands: They cause less wear and tear on joints and soft tissues. When you lift weights, your body is forced to push or pull 100 percent of the weight nearly instantly. But with resistance bands, the force is applied gradually, and increases incrementally. It’s a much safer way to build strength in tricky joints such as hips, shoulders and knees.

Adjustable Levels

Ankle straps work the inner and outer muscles to keep hip pain at bay. Fitness Insanity

Try lugging a dumbbell set to your hotel room! A fully loaded exercise resistance band set will pack down to the size of a basketball, and not weigh a whole lot more. And you don’t have to take it all. Just toss in your most-used bands and adapters and hit the road.