Yes, we know, we know. The term “athletic pants” usually means something you wear while being “athletic,” and while that isn’t wrong, that doesn’t mean men’s athletic pants are meant to be worn exclusively for sports. That’s just one of the many times you can enjoy wearing this style of pant—you can also wear them on “casual day,” or when you’re lounging around the house. Here are a few more reasons you should think about wearing athletic pants more often, and a few pairs that you’ll love wearing.


We suggest at least trying to wear these pants for their intended purpose. adidas

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You may not consider yourself an athlete, even if you find yourself doing something somewhat athletic from time to time. That could include going for a walk, or something more physically demanding like playing a game of soccer. Either way, men’s athletic pants are great to wear when you’re playing sports (big surprise, right?). They are comfortable and have the right fit for rapid movements, but without being too tight.

Casual Day

Nothing says “casual cool” quite like a pair of men’s athletic pants. Champion

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If you’ve got a day ahead of you where you will be running errands, maybe meeting a friend for lunch, or you just generally want to be comfortable, men’s athletic pants are going to be your answer. You can make them seem less sporty if you pair them with the right shoes and the right top for a “laid-back” look, without looking sloppy or like you just came off a basketball court.


Take your lazy day to the next level with a pair of men’s athletic pants. Under Armour

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Wearing men’s athletic pants for lazy day means you’re wearing them for the opposite purpose they were intended for, but everyone needs some relaxation time, so why not be comfortable while doing so? Men’s athletic pants are the answer for lounging in comfort and warmth. Girls even love donning a pair of loose-fitting men’s athletic pants for their day off as well.