Three Reasons to Give Your Kids a Probiotic

Probiotics aren’t just for adults, and kids stand to gain a lot from taking a small dose of bacteria daily.

Many probiotics are found in foods like yogurt, but oftentimes the human body doesn’t get enough probiotics from food. This is more common in children than people think, too, as they can be picky eaters and make getting a well-rounded amount of probiotics difficult. To help, there are kids’ probiotics. There are some great benefits of giving your kids probiotics that are worth the investment, including keeping their digestive health on track, supporting their immunity, and making sure the nutrients reach the right areas of their system.

Digestive Health

A healthy digestive system is important for all people, no matter what your age. Culturelle

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Digestive issues are something you may not think of being a big deal for kids, as they are less aware of health problems than adults are. However, your kids’ digestion is just as important as yours, thus the aid of a kid’s probiotic is important to keep any issues from happening in the first place. Simply put, kids’ probiotics help keep digestive issues at bay.

Support Immunity

Probiotics can also help when a digestive issue strikes. MaryRuth Organics

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In the case of a digestive issue, kids’ probiotics will help to ease some of the problems associated with things like diarrhea, gas, constipation, IBS, as well as a number of other gastrointestinal issues. In the long run, your kid’s immune system will be strong so he or she will have fewer digestive issues over time.

Help Where It’s Needed

Getting the probiotics in your system is the first step, but the second needs to make sure it arrives where it’s needed. BioSchwartz

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Unfortunately, there are some probiotics that get the first step down of entering your system, but they don’t always get where they need to be in your system to give your kid the help he or she needs. That’s why it’s important to have a kid’s probiotic that has stomach and acid protection to ensure the probiotic strains can successfully pass through your kid’s stomach acid and reach its destination of the small intestine.