Ever since Sony introduced its first Walkman in the late 70s, taking music anywhere one goes has been not only possible, but expected. Fast forward through the era of CDs and past the rise of iPods, smartphones, and streaming music, and you arrive at the current pinnacle of personal music technology: the wireless earbud. Up until now, the only compromise has been the questionable wisdom of shoving electronics into your ear in a soggy environment. Waterproof earbuds make that concern obsolete. Here are a few reasons to make your next listening investment a pair of waterproof, wireless earbuds.

Sweatproof Your Workout

Waterproof earbuds are impervious to H20, which means you can wear many models while swimming. TOZO

Favorite tunes make any workout more energetic. But the harder the workout, the sweatier things get. Waterproof earbuds are invulnerable to perspiration and make it easy to stay plugged in while you plug on.

Useable Anywhere

Most waterproof earbuds are also crushproof and dropproof. Jaybird

Getting caught out in the weather or taking an unintended splash on the river can deep-six just about any unprotected electronics. Waterproof earbuds will withstand moisture abuse wherever your outdoor pursuits take you.

Recording and Editing

Musicians can drown out ambient sound and forget about messing with wires with a pair of waterproof earbuds. ENACFIRE

Wireless earbuds are perfect for recording and editing video and audio. Bluetooth technology makes it easy to quietly watch and edit clips without disrupting the entire room or hassling with cords and bulky headsets.