Three Reasons to Switch to Wireless Bras

Underwear is much more comfortable when it’s not poking you with pieces of metal.

“I love wearing a bra!” said no one, ever. There’s no denying that bras aren’t exactly fun to wear, but there are times and places when putting one on is necessary. So, when that time arrives, you deserve to wear one that is comfortable and gives you the support you need. That’s why wireless bras are becoming increasingly popular as women find bras with a wire construction are unnecessarily uncomfortable. So, if you’re considering jumping on the wireless bra train, read on.

Wire Free

Obvious, but a huge selling point of a wireless bra, is there aren’t any thin pieces of uncomfortable metal wrapped around your chest. Warner’s

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One of the greatest things about wireless bras is that they don’t have any wires (duh). Why is this so great? Well, if you’ve ever been a wired bra-wearing woman, then you have experienced the awkward feeling of wires poking you. There you are, going along your day, and all of a sudden, your bra wire decides to jump out and poke you. How rude (and how painful)! You won’t have to deal with that sensation anymore if you buy a bra that doesn’t have any wires to begin with.


Wireless bras can deal with a lot more wears and washes. Calvin Klein

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Wireless bras require a great deal of maintenance. You have to wash them by hand, they seem to take forever to dry, and they still seem to fall apart quickly. With a wireless bra, you can toss it in the wash with your other clothes (unless it’s made of lace, in which case you may want to hand wash). Also, the more basic the construction, the better your chances of it lasting longer.


When you can’t take your bra off, a comfortable wireless bra is the next best thing. Playtex

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Few things feel better than taking your bra off at the end of a long day, but if you’re in a place where you can’t quite do that, make sure the bra you’re wearing is a wireless one. The level of comfort you feel is much greater than it would be with a wired bra, and you won’t notice having to wear it for a couple hours longer. In fact, some people even sleep with a wireless bra on because they find it so comfortable.