Smart technology has become a pretty integral part of all of our lives. With each passing day, a new item we took for granted becomes “smart,” and makes our lives easier in the process. Using these devices to automate your home will make your life simpler. If you’re still not convinced, maybe one of the reasons listed below will make you a convert.


These little plugs allow you to control anything plugged into it from your smartphone or tablet. Gosund

There’s no denying the convenience afforded by using your phone to control the functions of your home. Even if your home isn’t outfitted with the latest tech, simple plug-in adapters allow you to control solid-state devices, such as lamps, remotely. These adapters install as simply as plugging in an extension cord and allow you to control almost any electrical appliance right from your cell or tablet.

Save Energy

A WiFi enabled thermostat can let you control your home’s temperature from anywhere you have an Internet signal. Google

With the ability to turn lights on and off remotely, there’s no need to leave them on in the morning to arrive to a well-lit home in the evening. You can turn them on from outside as you’re going up the walk, or from your office. You can even program them to go on and off at set times, adding an extra layer of security to your home if you’re away for an extended period. A smart thermostat can also drop your energy consumption way down and result in a significant monthly savings.


Operating your door locks remotely means you always know who’s coming or going. August Home

Installing a smart lock means you’ll never have to go digging for your keys with an armful of groceries ever again. It also means you can let guests in while you’re stuck in traffic, instead of there to greet them as you intended. You can keep track of your kids as they come and go, giving you peace of mind.