Three Reasons You Need a Desktop Calendar

A desk calendar makes it easy to track appointments without using a computer or smartphone.

If you are struggling to stay on track at work, just remember the five P phrase of organization: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. There is no substitute for committing your intentions to a deadline, and for that there is no better method than maintaining a regular calendar. While digital notebooks and reminders are certainly more sophisticated, it’s hard to beat a classic desktop calendar for scratching out notes and dates on the fly without having to open up a computer screen or smartphone every single time. Print calendars are still a first defense against forgetfulness, and if nothing else offer a convenient place to store your most creative doodles and keep the coffee stains off your desk between naps.

Time Organizer

This one is made for meticulous planning without any ink leaks. AT-A-GLANCE

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As great as digital calendars are, there is something about jotting out a “save the date” notation by long hand that seems to make the event a bit more memorable. A desk calendar with a monthly grid as well as an annual view on the same page offers at-a-glance reminders for both near- and long-term planning.

Recyclable Pages

This comes with leather protection in all four corners. House of Doolittle

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Look for a calendar with reinforced corners that will hold up to a full year’s worth of note-taking and desktop abuse. Quality paper that won’t bleed ink through to the next month is also critical.

Standout Borders

Get one with grommets if you want to hang it on a wall. Maalbok

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A desktop calendar with grommets at the top is easy to mount on the wall. This is a great way to keep a casual or informal group calendar in a community space, such as an office break room, without having to distribute every single date or event digitally.