Mounted shower heads are the standard in most home bathrooms and while they work great, it might be time to consider a handheld shower head. If you think about it, bathing is something most people do daily, so you might as well make it as nice and enjoyable as you can, and quickly switching out your sprayer can make a world of difference.

You can also mount this like a conventional model and just reach up and grab it when you need it. AquaDance

The great thing about a handheld shower head is that it can be a standard mounted shower head when you want it to be. Simply put it back in its cradle and you’re back to business as usual. When you want to target a cleaning area on your body, pull the head from its mount and use the extension to easily rinse your hair, wash your face, and more. When you need your shower to be hands-free, hook it back up.

Great Value

This is great for getting to areas that permanently mounted ones can’t reach. Dream Spa

Long gone are the days of waiting 15 minutes to properly rinse the shampoo and conditioner out of your hair. With a handheld shower head, you can rinse your hair much more quickly and efficiently, and that translates into more hot water for other bathers, and less water consumed overall. Your shower time will also be shorter with a handheld shower head since you can stand in one place and use the extended shower head to rinse everything off in a jiffy.

Also Consider

These can be more convenient for elderly people and for children. Delta Faucet

A handheld shower head allows elderly people to easily shower on their own, even while sitting on a shower stool or chair, without the help of others. They also are great for those who are disabled and need to sit while they bathe. Kids will also love the ability to control a bit more of their shower as well (and because handheld sprayers are fun, you may be able to use this as a selling point to get your kids in the shower). But don’t forget the family dog. Rinsing your pooch off in the tub is so much easier when you can move the showerhead around the dog, as opposed to the other way around.