Wireless chargers are the hot new way to charge your phone and it’s time you get in on the action. With the growing popularity of smartphones that are able to charge without plugging, chances are good chargers with cords will become a thing of the past for everyone. Until then, you have a choice when it comes to which model you want to use. Regardless, after reading this, you’ll likely find yourself convinced to cut the cord from your life entirely.

Refueling your smartphone battery without cords can help you keep things neat and organized. Yootech

It seems there are so many cords in modern-day life that dealing with one less has the potential to make a huge difference. Getting rid of a phone charging cord and replacing it with a wireless phone charger will save some of your office, kitchen, or bedroom space and help you keep it feeling organized and clean.

Plugging in and pulling out a battery cord can damage a smartphone over time. Anker

Take a look at the charging port on an older cell phone of yours. Looks a bit worn, doesn’t it? That’s because your phone has endured many plugins and unplugs from the phone charger. Save your current and future phones from the same damage by switching to a wireless phone charger. This can also help you avoid forgetting your phone is plugged into the wall and walking away, causing the cord to rip from the phone or wall. Instead of plugging in, you set your phone on the charging pad and take it off easily whenever you need to answer a call.

Simply drop a phone into the slot and the device will take care of the rest. Yootech

With a wireless phone charger, you don’t have to fuss with a plug-in at night in the dark. All you have to do is drop your phone onto the charging pad, and you’re all set. This also makes it easy to answer phone calls when your phone is low on battery power. No more rushing to unplug your phone so you can answer an incoming call. Just pick it up off the pad and answer it with no problem.