Few things feel as frustrating as trying to make that perfect breakfast and messing up your eggs. Sometimes it seems fudging up eggs happens more often than not. We don’t know about you, but we sure are tired of tossing eggs in the garbage or force-feeding ourselves less-than-ideal ones. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to look into buying an egg cooker to ensure a perfectly cooked egg, every time. Here’s why an egg cooker will change your life.

Time Saver

Imagine cooking more than two eggs at once. Maxi-Matic

Think of those few extra minutes a day you can put towards doing something else thanks to an egg cooker that can cook up to 7 eggs at once. Not to mention that you don’t have to sit there and watch them—simply set the timer, walk away, and pull them out when done.


How does a perfect egg every time sound? Cuisinart

Cooking eggs to perfection is nearly impossible. Yet something people keep trying to achieve. With an egg cooker, you’ll get a perfect egg from every egg, cooked exactly how you like it with minimal effort. What sounds better than that?


Not everything in the kitchen is kid-friendly, but an egg cooker is. Dash

Asking your kid to light the stove and cook some eggs may not sound like the safest idea, but when you’re asking them to cook eggs via an egg cooker, there is no need to be concerned. It’s as easy and safe as putting the eggs in, choosing the cooking style, and pushing start. Auto shut-off is a built-in safety feature that ensures things don’t get overheated.