Three Reasons You Need an Electronic Litter Box

Simplify the dirty duty that comes with being a cat owner using an electronic litter box.

You may not have thought an electronic litter box was something you needed, but after reading this, you might change your mind. No cat owner likes dealing with a litter box, but it’s worth it to keep your furry friend. When you’re ready to upgrade to an electronic litter box, look for it to be self-cleaning, have odor control, and a health tracker.


Because few things are worse than cleaning a litter box by hand. LitterMaid

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Long gone are the days of you having to scoop the poop by hand. Modern technology has brought about self-cleaning litter boxes that automatically scoop, using a rake, to get rid of your cat’s waste so that they have a fresh start every time.

Odor Control

Say goodbye to stinky cat litter. PetSafe

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Oftentimes the type of litter you use will have a big effect on the odor of your cat’s litter box. One kind of litter that limits the bad smells is crystal cat litter. It is able to absorb your cat’s waste to keep odors at bay. Also look for an electronic litter box that has a covered area to store the waste, locked up to prevent odors from dissipating, until you are there to clear it out.

Health Tracker

Keep track of your cat’s litter box usage so you can note any changes in its health. PetSafe

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This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an electronic litter box but purchasing one that has a health counter gives you a way to make sure you cat’s health is, well, on track. It does this by counting how many times your cat uses the litter box. In case you didn’t know it, there is a sweet spot on how many times a healthy cat uses a litter box in a day (three urinations and one stool).