Three Reasons You Need LED Grow Lights

Full-spectrum LED lighting systems can help you create your own small greenhouse almost anywhere.

We remember when “grow lights” meant a bare fluorescent light bulb hung over a tray of tomato seedlings in March. Even if you can find those fluorescent tubes anymore, why wouldn’t you be using something instead that offers full spectrum lighting and the ability to manage it for specific stages of plant growth? LED grow lights promote healthy plants and better yields and the possibility of year-round production.

Start Seeds

Easy to suspend, so you can regulate the distance to your soil. Spider Farmer


Traditionally, many home gardeners begin their annual effort by starting their seeds indoors. By using a carefully regulated LED grow light system, you can ensure the right kind and amount of light to guarantee your seeds get the best early-season boost possible.

Mimics Natural Sun

This LED system provides controls for the optimal spectrum focus for the stage of growth. BESTVA


LED lights feature the full blue-red light spectrum needed to promote maximum plant growth and high yields of flowers and vegetables.

Year-round Blooming

This system comes in a variety of power options and features automatic toggles to provide optimal lighting for vegetation growth. KingLED


Home gardeners fully understand growing seasons, and the influence of factors like frost-free dates and amount of direct sunlight on the production of flowers and vegetables. LED grow lights toss all that out the window and enable year-round indoor gardening regardless of the planting zone where you live.