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Gluten is the general name for a family of proteins found in wheat, rye, barely, and other grains. It acts as “glue” and holds together common foods like breads and pastas in the baking process. Gluten is what gives breads its bounce and spaghetti its stretch. It also makes some people very sick, and others plain uncomfortable. Unfortunately, it’s also used as a binding agent in a variety of processed foods, which can make finding tasty gluten-free snacks difficult.

Wild-caught tuna is naturally gluten free. Wild Planet

Animals products like meat, fish, and eggs are naturally gluten free. While sinking into a rib eye is not a snack for most and can of tuna is a perfect hunger-buster between meals and has zero risk of aggravating the gluten intolerant. Wild-caught fish are generally considered more sustainable than planet polluting farm-raised fish, and their always non-GMO.

Most forms of meat jerky are gluten-free and Keto friendly. Mission Meats

Beef, chicken and other animals’ meats are naturally gluten-free, but most jerky is not. That’s because soy sauce, flours and other gluten-rich ingredients are used in most jerky marinades. Anyone who’s gluten-sensitive and eaten cheap gas station jerky will attest to this. Short of making your own homemade jerky, there are a few health-minded jerky makers. Many are often low-sugar, too—an added bonus as mainstream commercial jerky often has high levels of sugar added.

Thankfully, because snack bars are so popular, some manufactures have switched to gluten free recipes. Pure Protein

If you must have pre-package processed food, it’s possible to find some healthy gluten-free options but do yourself a favor and hunt out low-sugar options. Many food makers switch out gluten for a variety of starches that elevate blood sugar and can lead to a host of other medical issues, like high blood pressure and obesity. If you’re going to the trouble of finding a tasty gluten-free snack, it pays to also consider low- or no-sugar options, as well.