Three Reasons You Should Drink an Electrolyte Mix

Help your body produce the minerals it needs to keep you active and avoid dehydration at the same time.

Electrolytes play a crucial role in everything from heart rhythm to hydration, mental sharpness, and overall well-being. The three primary electrolytes are Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium. While all of these are individually important, maintaining each in the proper relationship to the others is equally critical. For those who struggle with symptoms of electrolyte deficiency, such as constant thirst, headaches, cramps, irregular heartbeat, or dizziness, off-the-shelf mixes and drinks may give you the added boost you need.

Electrolyte Balance

Replenishing your electrolytes with a powdered drink can supplement your body’s natural ability to generate minerals. Dr. Berg Nutritional

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Electrolytes are the body’s naturally occurring minerals that influence the circulatory system, muscle performance, and a host of other functions. Check with your physician to determine which drinks, mixes or powders have the best ratio of electrolytes for your lifestyle.

Proper Hydration

Electrolyte drinks are great for helping the body recover from dehydration. Liquid I.V.

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Staying hydrated is especially important to athletes, but dehydration can also be a leading culprit for everyday afflictions, including constipation and headaches. Electrolyte supplements can aide hydration for anyone who has lost fluids due to intense sweating, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Immune Support

Some electrolyte drinks can also strengthen your immune system. Emergen-C

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Electrolyte supplements and drink mixes don’t have to be limited to mineral nutrition. Those packaged with vitamins B and C are intended to suppress cold and flu attacks by bolstering your immune system.