Whether you’re a bedtime bookworm or saving your magazine backlog for a long flight, a book light makes reading easier than ever—for you and your partner or fellow passengers. Today’s models come with a variety of light levels, flexible parts for various uses, and cool colors and designs that are easy on the eyes. Turn the page on your reading routine with a masterpiece of a book light.

This is a wearable lamp with lots of adjustable settings for every preference. Glocusent

Sure, they’re called book lights, but they can be used for a variety of purposes. Some clip-on designs can easily be attached to books, laptops, headboards, or even stand on their own as desk lamps. Wearable, around-the-neck designs are great for any close-up work, including crafts and home repairs. Wearables can also be used for safety while biking or jogging at night.

Great Value

This one’s versatile design can be clamped on printed materials, desks, headboards, electronic devices, and more. Raniaco

A book light can’t help you find more time in your day to read, but it can help you read comfortably for extended periods by focusing light directly on the page. This decreases eye strain, dry eyes and fatigue, while also allowing you to be considerate of others around you who might not want light shining in their direction.

Also Consider

This offers compact size in an eye-catching color, with 360-degree neck for flexible use. Vekkia

Many book lights come with a variety of brightness settings, so you can adjust for your reading environment. If you enjoy turning the pages before bed, sleep experts recommend using book lights with special night-reading options that won’t interrupt your circadian rhythm, which maintains your body’s natural sleep and wake cycles.