Going to the gym is only one part of getting in your best shape. That is definitely the biggest first step but turning to something such as creatine is a great way to get extra mileage out of that workout. Before you go ordering the creatine recommended by some random trainer at the gym, do your research and look for these three things: high absorbency, lab-tested, quick recovery time.

High Absorbency

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In order to get the most out of taking your creatine not only for your money, but also for the benefits, you want to find one that is high absorbent. This means your body will absorb high levels of the creatine, rather than having much of it go to waste. Many people say that the absorbency can be increased even more by eating certain foods with your creatine.


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We suggest not wasting your time or your money on a creatine powder that has not been lab-tested. Otherwise, how do they know whether it does what it claims to? Without a lab-tested label, your creatine powder could be anything. Look for one that has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the product is high-quality and gets the job done.

Quick recovery time

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Some down time in working out is important. Your body and muscles need time to recover from the hard work it’s doing. However, you don’t want it to be too slow, especially when you’re taking something like creatine that is intended to decrease your recovery time. So, aim for a creatine powder that shortens your recovery time so you can get back out there.